Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ancient Wisdom In Modern Time

The Vedic Wisdom Collection is projecting to complete about 108 colorful titles to be printed in A4 art paper, graphically designed and folded to the most convenient pocket size.

Vedic Wisdom Collection Online

The full collection resembles a mini encyclopedia of diverse subjects from variety of fields like Self-help | Society | Spirituality | Philosophy | Science-education.

Teacher Course of Vedic Wisdom

If you want to give lectures on topics of Vedic Wisdom in your locality we invite you to assist the TEACHER COURSE in Vrindavan.

House Of Wisdom HOW -Welfare Activities

We invite you to support educative charity in Vrindavan. Your cooperation will be rewarded with pious merits and satisfaction.

VW Sunday Festival

Welcome to the Sunday Feast of Vedic Wisdom.
Lectures, Bhajan Music and Prasad -Pure Food.

Printed Titles Available

First Edition
Each topic is exclusively collectionable.

  • Jivan ke lye sarvotam oupadhi
  • Shri Ishopanishad ke siddhant
  • Yoga banaam nashili davaae
  • Sadi ka gambhiratam rog depression
  • Aatmahatya
  • Mahamantra ka chintan

  • Principles of Universal Love
  • Principles of Shri Isopanishad
  • Meditation on the Mahamantra
  • Balsams for the Soul
  • Yoga Vs. Drugs
  • Aids about
  • Depression
  • Adiction to the cigarette
  • Celibacy
  • Say No! to Television